Our United Methodist Challenge

Grace Family,

In worship and in our newsletter, I have been sharing information with you on the challenge facing our denomination. United Methodists around the world are searching the scriptures and arriving at different interpretations regarding same-sex marriage. In general, people on both sides care deeply about following God's Word and loving people. Today, some are wondering whether people, churches, and pastors with different beliefs and practices regarding same-sex marriage can remain in the same denomination. To put the question another way, is our devotion to Jesus and God's Word enough to unite us, or must we also interpret God's Word the same way if we are to stay together?

Throughout the month of December, I will continue to publish articles in the church newsletter about this denominational struggle. I will share a brief synopsis of what is happening in our denomination and in the future. I will also share the key scripture passages that are frequently brought up in this discussion, and how various groups of people who are seeking God's truth in Scripture are coming to different interpretations. 

If you miss one of these articles or would like to watch the sermon in which I shared about this struggle, you may view them all on this page. To sign-up for the newsletter, send an e-mail to karen@marcusgrace.com

Parents, please use your own discretion when deciding how much of these packets to share with your teenagers or children. Due to the nature of the topic and the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture, some of the scriptures and interpretations are somewhat graphic.

I will not give you easy answers because there are no easy answers. We are called to faithfully follow Jesus as we seek God’s wisdom in this messy world.

Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris' Sermon on November 18, 2018

Articles from the Grace UMC Newsletter