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What happens when you give?


When you give to Grace Methodist Church, you are helping children, teenagers, women, and men experience the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ.


Lives have been changed through this church. People have received hope when they had none. This is because faithful followers of Jesus commit to giving to God first with every paycheck, before they make any other purchases.


We offer several ways to give to Grace.


1) Set-up an weekly or monthly online gift. Secure online recurring giving is an easy way to give to God first with every paycheck.


2) Give Directly through Your Bank Simply contact your bank and ask them to send a weekly or monthly gift to Grace Methodist Church in Marcus, IA. Typically there are no fees to do this.


3) Via Cash or Check in the Mail or Offering Plate Many people find the meaning in the physical act of putting a check or cash in the offering plate at church. Consistent givers will often mail their check to the church if they are unable to make it to worship due to travel, weather, or illness.


Grace Methodist Church
PO Box: 466
303 East Fenton Street
Marcus, IA 51035

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